Qui sommes nous ?

The firm

The firm


We provide our customers and candidates with our continual, top-level expertise acquired over 15 years of high-end HR Consulting service & by developing tailor made solutions based on an approach that is largely community-based, flexible, bold and innovative.

We strive to put forth a fair & authentic perspective that can at times be of challenging nature but is always based on goodwill.

Known for our customer focus quality & perfect understanding of the global problems that our customers face, we work in a systematic way along with a 360° vision in order to provide you with full-fledged and custom-made H.R. solutions.

As we strongly believe that our business is at the core of human development, we place a high level of importance to find: ever-innovative and enriching solutions for our customers and candidates, relevant to new forms of learning.

We offer a wide range of human resources consulting services such as follows:

  • Executive Search :Recruitment of Industry experts, managers and senior executives
  • Coaching
  • Assessment Programs
  • Mentoring
  • Social engineering consulting: social audits, human and organizational development, performance and working conditions, business negotiation.

The projects that we carry out are driven by our constant quest for excellence embodying a systematic and carefully organized quality check method to ensure autonomy, integrity, confidentiality and professionalism.

We offer our clients a dedicated and pluridisciplinary project team, ensuring a flexible organization set up as per the size of the projects assigned which focuses on the challenges of the projects and a de-compartmentalized team in order to provide them with the best expertise.

Our team assures full commitment, and an expert comprehensive consulting service to our clients in accordance with the ethics of our profession, right from the identification of their needs until the implementation of our solutions and action plans.

Our team is active throughout the country as well as in Europe.


Our team

Our team

Les collaborateurs de Almas Associates s’engagent à respecter les droits fondamentaux de la personne dans le cadre de leurs interventions, ainsi que les règles de conservation des données personnelles d’individus conformément aux recommandations de la CNIL.

Almas Associates est signataire de la Charte de la Diversité et membre actif de l’association A Compétence Egale.

Les dirigeants de Almas Associates sont engagés dans de nombreuses instances professionnelles notamment en faveur de l’entrepreneuriat responsable et solidaire.
Cet engagement répond au souci d’agir au plus près des exigences des entreprises et de leurs collaborateurs, pour l’évolution et le développement des pratiques et des réglementations.



Eric carried out the first 12 years of his career in financial audit, before assuming the role of Managing Director in diverse HR consulting companies, while developing his expertise & passion for executive search, management consulting, HR strategy & coaching.

He supports managing executives in their growth plans, company reorganization & transformation projects, with a holistic approach that leads to the development of management skills & best practices fostering the accomplishment of common performance objectives.

In the light of this, he intervenes in individual, team & organizational coaching, as well as in programs fostering the development of competencies, relational & emotional intelligence, leadership, audacity, creativity, stress management, resolution of conflicts & tensed situations.

He puts into practice his financial know-how & expertise in performance analysis of varied HR policies, constituting a common vision to lead human capital development within the management committees.

Eric currently heads Almas Associates as the company’s CEO, which he co-founded in 2014.

Tél : 01 40 41 60 05

Emmanuel VALLADE

Emmanuel VALLADE

Emmanuel initiated the outset of his career in legal assistance for distinguished firms before his entrepreneurial spirit tickled in & he decided to head a small sized French textile trading company to assure its development in the American market.

After successfully conceding his own company, he plunges into the HR consulting business as a senior consultant & later on as an associate within the industrial division of reputed HR agencies. He led numerous assessment & recruitment projects as well as coaching programs for experts, managers & senior executives in France & worldwide.

Emmanuel is the Managing Partner of ALMAS ASSOCIATES, which he cofounded in 2014.

A corporate & field man specialized in dealing with complex organizations, Emmanuel is also a coach who provides personalized individual support to management committees, senior & managing executives & has developed a unique concept integrating the mentoring best practices based on a pragmatic operational approach.

Tél : 01 40 41 60 04



Co-founder of Almas Associates, Nilab is also a certified clinical psychologist & coach. She began her career in the grief counseling field before orienting herself professionally as an HR Officer for an upmarket French department store chain & then finally settling down as an HR Consultant after having found her real passion in the headhunting business. An expert headhunter, she decided to further enlarge her scope of intervention by getting certified as a personal development coach from the very reputed MOZAÏK International coaching institute, Paris. Appealed by the field of human & organizational development, Nilab leads the Alma’s assessment center protocols, offers individual & group coaching services as well as intervenes as a mediator in organizational crisis situations.

Originally hailing from Afghanistan & brought up in Indonesia & India before settling down permanently in France, Nilab always had a multicultural approach & the knack to naturally opt a systematic approach adapted to diverse organizations to observe closely & understand best the organizational interactions. Her approach leads her to take into account the different facets of an individual holistically, cultural as well as educational, to support the momentum of transformation with respect to their actual environment.

Tél : 01 40 41 60 02

Charlotte MOISSON

Charlotte MOISSON

A Graduate in Humanities from Paris Sorbonne University & holder of a BTS in sales, Charlotte pursued a 12 year long career in recruitment & event management in broadcasting.

Today she is a part of the Almas Associates family as an HR Consultant, where she further enhanced her expertise in recruitment & evaluation of managers & senior executives, in GPEC & professional outplacement.

Charlotte is committed to create a powerful change in organizations by unlocking the personal & professional potential of their staff & by developing their skills & confidence in order to influence positive engagement, culture & performance within the organizations.

Tél : 01 40 41 60 03



Koyal kick started her career in India at an NGO as a counselling psychologist to guide & support underprivileged children and then continued on to work as a guest psychologist alongside local teams within international firms like KPMG & CapGemini, to drive positive psychology workshops related to conflict management, stress and role ambiguity.

She further pursued her career in France to sharpen her skills to face intercultural management issues by holding job positions like business English trainer & business developer. She completes her training by pursuing an MSc in International Business at IESEG Lille, where she further enhances her awareness of the international market & refines her interpersonal skills.

She has since then come aboard the adventure at Almas Associates, as an executive search associate & psychologist, reinforcing the team to treat multicultural, multi-social & multigenerational issues.

Tél : 01 40 41 60 01

Our values

Our values

Our development is based on the founding values shared by each and every member of our team:


Almas Associate’s team proposes to their clients, relevant solutions to their strategic issues. Our independence, integrity & authenticity permits us to be outspoken & compassionate in order to reach to the bottom of things.


We adopt a personalized, bespoke approach in our business transactions & our relations are based on complete mutual trust and transparency.


We rigorously analyze & pay utmost attention to the expectations of our candidates and clients in order to act with precision in our projects.


We are committed to look beyond our projects by considering the humane factors & embodying a holistic approach in our transactions.

Our engagements

Our engagements


We address the needs of our clients and candidates without any delay and accord them sufficient time and attention. We are aware that our results are directly linked with our strong responsiveness, and as ambassadors of our clients, we are responsible for their reputation & brand identity.


We endeavor to exert ourselves out of the context to get the big picture & bring on the table a fresh perspective which challenges our client’s current standing in order to bring upon the table a new angle to address the strategic issues of our clients.


All our suggestions delivered are unbiased in nature.


We rigorously follow state-of-the art practices in each of the assignments we choose to undertake. We make sure to constantly pay close attention to our clients by using Quality/Satisfaction measurement tools throughout the consulting process.


We adapt ourselves in real time with the changing circumstances which evolve in case of unforeseen events. We take into consideration the ground realities in order to ensure the relevance of our services.

Almas Associates
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