Co-founder of Almas Associates, Nilab is also a certified clinical psychologist & coach. She began her career in the grief counseling field before orienting herself professionally as an HR Officer for an upmarket French department store chain & then finally settling down as an HR Consultant after having found her real passion in the headhunting business. An expert headhunter, she decided to further enlarge her scope of intervention by getting certified as a personal development coach from the very reputed MOZAÏK International coaching institute, Paris. Appealed by the field of human & organizational development, Nilab leads the Alma’s assessment center protocols, offers individual & group coaching services as well as intervenes as a mediator in organizational crisis situations.

Originally hailing from Afghanistan & brought up in Indonesia & India before settling down permanently in France, Nilab always had a multicultural approach & the knack to naturally opt a systematic approach adapted to diverse organizations to observe closely & understand best the organizational interactions. Her approach leads her to take into account the different facets of an individual holistically, cultural as well as educational, to support the momentum of transformation with respect to their actual environment.

Tél : 01 40 41 60 02