Our assessment program boasts of a customized assessment method co-developed along with our clients, backed by the latest innovative evaluation techniques.

Almas Assessment Program©: unveiling talents and capabilities!

ALMAS ASSOCIATES steps in to facilitate, target and materialize the decision-making and selection process of the management team while recruiting externally or internally promoting from amongst the individuals who will best meet the requirements of their organization : whether hiring an executive for a key position, or choosing from among candidates for internal promotion, or identifying candidates with high calibre or advocating a development plan to ensure key success factors in the context of new missions.

Almas Assessment Program© provide concrete answers to organizations facing the strategic challenge of building their future by particularly deploying the right skills in key functions of their new models.


Ambition of Almas Assessment Program©: 

  • Providing objective perspective w.r.t. a candidate’s subsequent suitability for a given position.
  • Reducing the scope of errors by examining the areas of assessment that are not covered by the standard external recruitment processes.
  • Enabling the successful identification & selection of candidates who can adapt themselves and streamline powerful changes in the organizations.

Les Assessment Programs Almas© révélent le talent et le potentiel de managers compétents, ambitieux, courageux et valeureux pour conduire les entreprises à la haute performance.

Allowing employees and candidates to opt a clear & informed view of their own situation with respect to the required skills, and thereby empowering them to embrace an “Adult” & Bold attitude while becoming agents of trust & performance for the company.

Advocating and supporting employee development plans, so as to put them in a position where they can develop, progress and succeed.

Almas Assessment Program© unveils the talents and caliber of competent, ambitious, versatile & gallant managers, driving companies to benefit from powerhouse performances.



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